The Moscow city Duma is going to ban Smoking wapow in public areas

Moscow city Duma has prepared a bill, regulating the sale and Smoking of wapow. The text of the document is at the disposal of edition”.ru”.

“”Soaring” and Smoking hookahs are promoting the Smoking of tobacco and can help to ensure that non-smokers minors addicted to Smoking,” — said, commenting on the document, Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov. He stressed that the bill applies not only to devices that simulate tobacco Smoking, but vaporizing mixtures for them.

The document envisages a ban on the use of wapow in public places, including in the territories of educational, cultural and medical institutions, public transport (both urban and long distance) and public institutions. “The decision of the property owner or other person authorized by the owner of the property allowed the consumption of evaporative compounds and the use of devices that mimic the Smoking of tobacco in designated areas”, — stated in the text of the document.

In the case of the adoption of the law a minor will not be allowed to buy and use VAPI. Manufacturers of evaporative liquids will be obliged to disclose their composition, in addition, they can be increased excise taxes “to reduce demand”. The document also stipulates a ban on advertising simulating Smoking devices.

It is expected that the draft Federal law “On state regulation to limit the evaporation of compounds used in devices that mimic tobacco Smoking” will be submitted for consideration city Parliament. After consideration, the committees on 8 February and going through the necessary procedures, it is planned to direct to the state Duma.

In mid-January, the CPS has called for the introduction of the legislative regulation of the use of wapow. The Agency relied on data from the world health organization: who experts found that in the production of some brands contains the same cancer-causing substances, in particular formaldehyde, as in cigarette smoke.