The militants have stepped up recruitment of child refugees

The militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” intensified work on attraction in the numbers of refugee children. It is reported by The Independent, citing the report of the counter-extremism organization Quilliam Foundation.

In conversations with young people recruiters usually prey on the harsh living conditions in refugee camps, and as bait for new recruits offered money and food. The new “jihadists” can be used as ordinary the militant group or sent to other countries to commit terrorist attacks.

Most active recruiters are showing in the camps in Lebanon and Jordan.

“Their methods of attracting into its ranks extraordinarily efficient, especially when we are talking about teenagers who have no family,” said one of the study’s authors Nikita Maliki. According to her, after appropriate treatment, young people are literally obsessed with radical ideas.

As indicated in the report, the militants have close ties with the organizers of illegal channels of transfer of refugees to Europe, which the group pays separately for transportation of recruited adolescents in different countries.

25 Jan Belgian law enforcement authorities announced the arrest in Brussels of several people suspected of links with ISIS.

On November 21 last year in France (in Marseille, and Strasbourg) was arrested seven people suspected of preparing terrorist attacks. Among their goals was Disneyland Paris, the police of the French capital, the headquarters of the General Directorate of internal security (counterintelligence) of France, metro station, restaurants, and places of worship. The attack was planned for 1 December last year.

The Prosecutor of Paris Francois Molen said that, according to the investigation, the militants had received instructions from the leaders of the IG.