The media learned about the large-scale structural reform of the Ministry of emergency situations

EMERCOM of Russia in the framework of the structural reform abolishes regional centres and goes on a three-tier system of management and financing, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

According to the document, available edition, a three-tier system of management and financing of the Agency involves the vertical management of the Federal (Ministry), regional (subject) and local (fire and rescue garrison) levels.

At the same time of the new scheme eliminates one management — regional centres.

As noted, such a system has already been implemented by a number of agencies and proved its efficiency, especially in the present socio-economic conditions.

The plan will last until 2020 and approved by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Due to freed places will increase the state fire and rescue.

Last week, Putin’s decree, the heads of the far Eastern, North Caucasian, Privolzhsky and Ural regional centres was dismissed in the framework of the consolidation of the Siberian, Central and southern regional emergency centers.