The Kurds released by militants of ISIS three villages in raqqa

The Alliance of the opposition “Democratic forces of Syria”, which mostly consists of Kurdish self-defense forces, has made significant progress in the direction of Raqqa, which is controlled by terrorists of the banned organization “Islamic state”. During this RAID, the Kurds have liberated several villages, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Agency Firat.


Earlier media wrote that “the Democratic forces of Syria,” said the new phase of the campaign against ISIL militants in the city of raqqa.


We will remind, on the eve of the self-defense forces under operation “Wrath of the Euphrates” stormed, acting the two groups. North-West of Raqqa they were able to drive the jihadists out of the village Dugan, where they moved 18 miles. Also, the militia liberated the village of Abu Natalie and HUD, located in the North-East of Raqqa, where they advanced to the depth of 16 kilometers.


The operation to liberate Raqqa “Wrath of the Euphrates”, which in early November last year began, the forces of the “Democratic forces of Syria”, recently recognized as the second major offensive against ISIL. In October the Iraqi security forces, supported by the United States and other allies began to liberate Mosul. Developments on the Syrian track, developing quickly: according to the statements of the SDF for the first ten days of the operation they were able to completely clean from the Islamists, more than 60 settlements and 550 square kilometers of territory.

Photo: Louai Barakat / Imageslive / globallookpress