The Kremlin wanted to hear an apology from an American correspondent

Dmitry Peskov

The statements of the journalist of the American broadcaster Fox News the President of Russia Vladimir Putin offensive, the Kremlin hopes to hear an apology, said the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov. His words on Monday, February 6, the correspondent “”.

“We believe such words on the part of the correspondent is unacceptable, offensive. And, frankly, would prefer to apologize to the President from such a respected broadcaster,” said Sands.

Thus a press-the Secretary of state did not comment on the response of the tramp. “As for the statements of the President of the United States, in this case, I would have left without comments”, — he stressed.

In an interview with the host of Fox News channel, bill O’reilly trump spoke about the respect to the Russian President. The journalist in turn reminded him about the accusations that the West had advanced against Moscow and Putin, and called the Russian President a murderer.

“What do you think our country is so innocent?” — said the American leader.

Throughout the election campaign, trump repeatedly returned to the theme of relations with President Putin. According to him, he could “get along” with the Russian leader.

Vladimir Putin and Donald trump twice and talked on the phone. The last conversation took place on January 28 and lasted about 45 minutes. Prior to that, the heads of state interviewed on 14 November 2016. The Kremlin said that the presidential meeting will be held before the summit of “Big twenty” on 7-8 July in Hamburg.