The CPS opposed the discount on alcohol

The CPS has proposed to refuse discounts on alcoholic beverages. About it RIA Novosti said the head of the Department Anna Popova.

“Promotion should be treated like any other advertising campaign and should be banned,” she said.

3 Feb RT reported that the state Duma is preparing a bill banning distribute promotional prices on alcohol. According to the authors, the document is aimed at reducing the level of alcoholization of the population. “When a customer sees the stores products with significant discounts, it will stimulate him to buy. And one thing when it’s a discount on the yogurt, not alcohol,” — said the author of the initiative Deputy Vladimir Sysoev.

In January, the CPS said that in comparison with 2009, the Russians began to drink less than one third: currently, per capita consumption of alcohol in Russia is more than 10 liters per person per year, whereas six years ago for each citizen of the country accounted for 15 liters of alcohol. However, the current level of alcohol consumption exceeds recommendations of the world health organization (who) to eight liters per year.