Matvienko was indignant with the salary of teachers in the Ivanovo region


RIA Novosti

Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has angered teachers ‘ salaries in the Ivanovo region. In her words, Russian entities, in which the salary of teachers is less than average for the region, violate the “may decrees” of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This is reported by the Rambler/news, citing the Agency “Interfax”.

Their indignation at the low salaries of teachers Matviyenko expressed after the school teacher Komsomolsky district, Ivanovo region, said that from 1 January 2017 in its area wages fell from an average of 20 thousand rubles to 14 million rubles. According to a teacher at another school wages fell to 7 thousand rubles. Matvienko asked the Minister of education and science of Russia Olga Vasiliev to understand the situation. In response, the Minister promised to discuss the matter with the head of the Ivanovo region Pavel Konkov.

In September 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Federal government should monitor the level of salaries of teachers and to respond if they fall. May orders – the name of the 11 decrees signed by Putin on may 7, 2012. The documents contained 218 instructions to the government of Russia to perform during 2012-2020. According to the decree, since 2012, teachers ‘ salaries should not fall below the average wage in the region. By 2018, according to the may decree, the salaries of University teachers and researchers to exceed the regional average by half.