In the US 19-year-old rapist was sentenced to abstinence before marriage

Cody Dewain Scott Guerrera

In the U.S. state of Idaho 19-year-old rapist was forbidden to have sex until, until he gets married. Reported by the Associated Press.

Judge Randy Stoker sentenced the defendant Cody Dewayne Scott Guerrero accused of raping a 14-year-old girl to 15 years in prison. However, due to the specifics of state law (the so-called Rider Program) guerrera got a reprieve for one year, allowing him in case of excellent behavior to get rid of a conditional sentence.

With this as a condition in the sentence is the lack of sexual contact before marriage. Stoker felt that Herrera, who had already owned 34 sexual partner, it will be a serious challenge. The verdict caused controversy — so, a number of lawyers felt that violates the constitutional rights of Herrera and he can appeal.

Rider Program — a specific term used in the laws of the state of Idaho. If in other States the judge can either send the defendant to prison, or leave on probation, the judge in Idaho may be sentenced to intermediate option. The convict remains on the loose, but the judge retains jurisdiction of the case. In that case, if the convicted person successfully survive the period prescribed by the program, the court may (but is not obliged) to place him on probation instead of real punishment. The judge may impose additional conditions not inconsistent with the laws of the state or of the state.