In Honduras, in the collision of bus and tanks killed 16 people

Dozens of people were killed and injured in an accident in Honduras. On Sunday, February 5, reports Reuters with reference to local authorities.

According to him, on the road 10 kilometers from the capital of Tegucigalpa has faced passenger bus and a tanker truck. From the wreckage was retrieved the bodies of at least 16 fatalities, another 34 people were injured

Rescue work at the scene continues. The circumstances and causes of the incident to the news Agency reported.

According to The Washington Post, the truck driver lost control and crashed into a bus, then fled. The representative of the Metropolitan fire Department Oscar Triminio reported that the victims were taken to hospital, the local University, the number of victims can increase.

January 21 in Verona on the North-East of Italy, the Hungarian bus, which was traveling 55 people, crashed into a pole. Killing 16 people.

Two days before this, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh a forehead in a forehead has faced a school bus and a truck resulted in the death of 24 teenagers. The cause of the accident could become a heavy fog.