In Afghanistan and Pakistan, an avalanche killed more than 100 people

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, over 100 people were killed in an avalanche. About it reports BBC News.

According to recent reports, in Afghanistan the death toll was 106 people, dozens wounded. The largest number of deaths in Nuristan province on the Pakistani border: there is an avalanche were completely buried two villages, one inhabited by 53 people. None of them survived. Pakistani rescuers reported nine dead in the North-West of the country. Several people froze in the car, unable to get out of snow drifts.

The number of victims of the disaster are not fully determined: with many villages there is no connection to get through to them is impossible because of the continuing snowfall and road blockages. On the highway Kabul — Kandahar police and soldiers managed to rescue from drifts more than 250 vehicles. As soon as the weather improves, in Nuristan rescuers will fly two helicopters. Kabul international airport is now closed, stops the movement through the Salang pass.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the bad weather will last at least another few days.