Half a million people of Romania came out to demand the resignation of the government

In Romania the streets are about 500 thousand opponents of the government, including 300 thousand in Bucharest, reports RIA Novosti.

People in the capital continue to come to the square in front of the Cabinet. The protesters staged a kind of flash mob and lit simultaneously, the screens of mobile phones and lanterns. The action was supported in other cities of the country.

Every hour the protesters sing the national anthem of Romania. In the hands of the protesters placards with slogans against the government and the ruling Social democratic party, headed by Liviu Dragnea.

People demand the resignation of the government, but Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu declared that will not leave the post.

This is the biggest rally since December 1989, when it was overthrown by the power of the Communist party led by Nicolae Ceausescu.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers refused the amendments that could result in the release from prison of convicted in corruption cases supporters of the ruling party. However, the protests do not stop.