A resident of Mariupol removed as a column of tanks APU moves to the front

In the Internet appeared the video, as a large column of military equipment moving through the streets of Mariupol. The video, filmed by a resident of the city, publishes the portal “Russian spring”. The footage shows that the armored vehicles driving through the streets, accompanied by cars of road patrol service.


The author of the video suggests that, judging by the direction of motion, APU relocating technique in the area of Kominternovo, where recently the situation has escalated on the line of contact.


“Going to bomb the locals, and then say that Russian shelling,” says the author of the video, adding: “You have to hurry”.


At the end of January in the East of Ukraine resumed active hostilities. APU went on the offensive in the region of Donetsk and on the South, on the coast of the Azov sea.

Video: Ira world / YouTube