50 meters to the Mat: the correspondent of “Stars” saw the fight in the town at the forefront

Special correspondent of TV channel “Star” Vitaly Akinshin has been at the forefront in the industrial area of Avdeyevka, which is now fierce fighting between Ukrainian troops and militias DND. Dead forest, destroyed and broken fragments large-caliber shells at home – so now looks like the item. This is the hot spot near Donetsk. To the fortifications of the APU in some places not more than 50 meters. To get to the forefront fighters of DNR, need to move quickly, but very carefully.


Units APU a few times a day attempt to clear the fighters of the Donetsk national Republic from the position. In the course are all available to Ukraine weapons, including prohibited by the Minsk agreements.


All the dominating heights around the busy Ukrainian snipers. In a dilapidated shop spotted machine-gun Mat. The emergence at the forefront of journalists “Stars” did not go unnoticed – Ukrainian security forces opened fire on the fortifications, which were reporters.


After dark APU start shelling suburbs of Donetsk. Shells and rockets fly right over the heads of fighters of DNR. Retaliatory artillery fire they will not open. In Avdeyevka and on the outskirts a large number of civilians.


“In residential areas never work. We know what it is. Know our relatives, and friends. We are not fighting with civilians,” – said a soldier of the army DND with the Callsign Pogranets.


Under the Avdeevka was recently seen two companies of the banned nationalist “Right sector”. There is contracted heavy armored vehicles: tanks, systems of volley fire “Grad”, rocket-tactical complexes “Tochka-U”. According to intelligence DNI, in the near future in the area he is preparing a major provocation. Do not rule out here and start a full-scale offensive APU.