Yaroslavl Ombudsman’s call for the dismissal of Stalin’s portrait



Social media users were shocked by the portrait of Stalin with a child in the waiting room of the Commissioner for the rights of the child in Yaroslavl region, Mikhail Krupin. The with a tragic history, is hanging on the wall behind the chair Secretary, said one of the visitors of the children’s Ombudsman.

As the IA “ARNOSTI”, in people, this photo known as “Stalin and the Mamlakat”. According to one version, at the hands of chief sitting Buryat girl is Gel Markizova, whose father was declared a Japanese spy and executed and his mother exiled to Kazakhstan and died there. Gel went through a Soviet orphanage and detention center where no one believed that she was the girl from a picture with Stalin.

The words of the leader said in a foreign language during image capture, Gel tenderly treasured memory for many years. However, it turned out that Stalin said at the weekend: “Put that lousy!”.

Photos from the reception of Mikhail Krupin has caused outrage in social networks. Users need to immediately send him into retirement.