Vice-President of the United States was blamed for the lifting of sanctions on Moscow

Mike Pence

The question of changing the sanctions regime against Moscow will be decided in the coming months. The answer will depend on whether to change Russia’s behaviour and will be able to interact. This was stated by Vice-President Michael Pence circulated in an interview with broadcaster ABC.

“It depends on whether we will see the kind of change in Russia’s position, and the opportunity, maybe, to establish cooperation based on common interests,” — said the politician. He stressed that if Russia and USA will get along, it will benefit the entire world.

Pence recalled that both countries are interested in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism, particularly “Islamic state” (IG, the organization banned in Russia). If possible, work together the President of the United States Donald trump, in his opinion, “would find the opportunity to start a relationship again.”

In the same interview, Pence said that concerned about the situation in the Donbass.