Unknown pasted posters with criticism of the Pope

Posters with criticism of the Pope in Rome

Posters of Pope Francis and the criticism appeared on the streets of Rome. About it reports The Telegraph.

The inscriptions on the posters read: “Francis, you took control of the congregation, abolished, priests beheaded by the order of Malta and monastic order of the Franciscans, ignore the cardinals… And where’s your vaunted compassion?”. The authors maintain anonymity, but there are suggestions that the initiative belongs to the supporters of the conservatives who are unhappy with the reforms of Pope.

Posters appeared a few hours before Pope Francis was appointed chief of the Vatican Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Beccu (Angelo Becciu) as its official representative in the Affairs of the order of Malta at the time of the election of a new Grand master. The publication notes that the critic of the Pontiff of the conservative cardinal Raymond Leo Burke (Leo Raymond Burke), who is the representative of the Vatican in order, is stripped of his powers.

January 25 the Grand master of the order of Malta Matthew Festing resigned after a personal meeting with the Pope. The first in recent history, the intervention of the Pope in the Affairs of the oldest of the order was a surprise for the knights as a rule, the master has his office for life. To the resignation of Festinha brought conflict with the Holy see after the overthrow of the Grand Hospitaller of the order of Albrecht von Fraher Boeselager because of his too liberal interpretation of the tenets of Catholicism.