The world must return to the G8 format with Russia’s participation – Prodi

Italy should make every effort to return to the G8 format with Russia’s participation. So says the former head of the European Commission, former Prime Minister of Italy Romano Prodi.


“I think the task of the Italian presidency of the “sevens” is to do everything possible for the progressive return of Russia to work towards the G8. The main reason for the restoration of relations with Russia is the need to take a position sooner than it will make the American President”, — said in the article he published in the newspaper Messaggero. Excerpts from the piece quoted by RIA Novosti.


Former Italian Prime Minister also noted that the invitation of Russia at the summit “the Big seven” in may of this year, seems feasible given the steps of the U.S. President Donald trump on establishing relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


In 2014 after joining the Crimea to Russia the participants of the forum of economically developed Nations decided to meet without Russia in Brussels, returning, thus, the initial format of the G7 meeting. The participants of the “seven” have declared that do not intend to meet with Russia until Moscow changes its policy toward the Peninsula.

Photo: Tim Brakemeier / Globallookpress