The protests persuaded the Romanian Prime Minister to abandon the idea of Amnesty for corrupt officials

Sorin Grindeanu

The Romanian authorities refused the initiative mitigation of criminal penalty, which caused mass protests. With a promise to cancel the resolution on introducing amendments to the criminal code and the Amnesty appeared on national television, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, reports RIA Novosti.

The adoption of amendments to freedom under the Amnesty can get convicted in cases of corruption, if the amount of damage caused by their unlawful actions does not exceed 200 thousand lei (about 48 thousand dollars).

“In the last days we watched the position of citizens. The society is split. As Prime Minister I took after these days several solutions,” said Grindeanu. According to him, he split society does not want to.

The head of government Sunday, February 5, will convene an urgent meeting for annulment of the decision. According to Grindeanu, he intends to hold consultations with all parties, and may exclude the threshold of 200 thousand lei. Earlier, Prime Minister said that he did not intend to cancel the amendments.

Protests against the initiative, considered to be began the most ambitious in the last 25 years, are in the country for five days in a row. Residents fear that as a result of changes approved by the government, freedom will be serving the punishment of corrupt politicians and also some dangerous criminals.