The media learned about the failure from the White house recovery plan CIA prisons abroad

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump may abandon the idea to recover the secret CIA prisons abroad where, in particular, previously tortured terrorism suspects. This writes the newspaper The New York Times.

This follows from the draft version of the draft decree regulating the actions against the detainees. The new version of the document, which appeared in a publication, the provisions on the restoration of the CIA prisons was withdrawn.

However, the draft decree refers to the need for greater use of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay on the island of Cuba. On this object, which the previous Obama administration tried to close it again is supposed to place the detainees. It is also planned to freeze plans for the transport of prisoners out in other places.

Earlier it was reported that trump was instructed to explore the possibility of the resumption of secret CIA prisons outside the country. He instructed senior intelligence officers to make recommendations about the need for the continuation of a program of interrogation, an influential terrorists-foreigners who will be held outside the USA in special places of detention, and the expediency of such prisons run by the CIA.

At the request of the President of the United States highlighted the need to respect American laws, precluding the use of torture.