“Kiev has decided to wipe points about breeding parties”: why the APU went on the attack on DPR

In the latest edition of “Hurt”, a leading TV channel “Zvezda”, the Explorer Nikolai Petrov talks about why the Ukrainian military has ignored the Minsk agreement with a new force went on the attack on the DNI.


Nikolay Petrov: “There will be a more important topic now than the resumption of hostilities in the Donbass. The shelling of residential areas with heavy artillery, “Grad” and “Hurricanes” in violation of all sorts of agreements. Details you and without me perfectly know from the news on the TV channel “Star”. I allow myself to fully agree with the official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova, Kiev has violated not only the Geneva Convention, but also norms of morality. Although the Convention and the morality of the current Ukrainian authorities in General long time do not care and Kiev signed any treaties and obligations. Including the Minsk agreement.


They recall, at the time of signing there were a few important points. The cease-fire, withdrawal of heavy weapons, the establishment of a fairly broad line breeding of the parties to a demilitarized zone, the so-called “gray zone”. And then no less important political part, Amnesty, elections, and so on.


That is, Poroshenko has been given a unique opportunity to finish postmaydannoy the conflict between East and West Ukraine. First, just stop firing on peaceful cities, and then recognizing the right of residents of Donetsk and Luhansk to be just people, citizens with his point of view. Yes, the other point of view than the nationalists and activists of the Maidan. But it was resolutely impossible. Historical feature of Ukrainian nationalism since the times of Bandera and Shukhevych and the SS division “Galicia” is that with opponents in any case you cannot speak. They need only to kill!


Therefore, the political part of Minsk agreements was rejected almost immediately. No negotiations! To recognize the Donetsk “wool” equal? Never! Statements about this were many, even from the official tribune. Here’s the latest that caught my eye. A Director of “Ukrainian barometer”, a political scientist Victor Nebozhenko: “Minsk was created not to change the Constitution of Ukraine and the imposition of surrender in the form of recognition of the separatists. It was created to discuss the suspension of hostilities and exchange of prisoners”. The rest – fiction of the Kremlin. And further it is impossible to overwind “Minsk”. Not of the Minsk agreements to conclude how to behave in Ukraine”.


From why not? This is what there is written – how to behave in Ukraine. But, as it turns out, is an amazing country, where politicians do not know how to read. However, if it is necessary to twist, distort and tell lies – to be able to read optional. What about first part? Military? And the same thing! Kiev podnakopiv forces recovered huge losses in Debaltseve and other boilers. And decided that can wipe and paragraphs about the breeding of the parties. The recent on the line of contact between the parties was creeping onset of armed forces of Ukraine to the Republic of Donbass by a gradual capture of the “gray zone”. For several months the next push-up is the “separable” another fifty or a hundred meters of the territory was actively happy hard-core Nazis in social networks. But Ukraine is a country where local politicians, as we have seen, do not know how to read, bloggers to think, and officials – to speak. While fully understanding the meaning”.


The program “Touched” on the TV channel “Zvezda” is a personal opinion and honest conversation about what really hurt the presenter and Explorer Nikolai Petrov.

Photo: Michael Kappeler / Globallookpress, mil.gov.ua