In Missouri, the students attacked classmate for the Pro-presidential views

In Missouri a group of middle school students attacked a 12-year-old classmate because of disagreements over the policies of the new US President Donald trump. It is reported by TV station KMOV.

The incident occurred on the school bus in the vicinity of St. Louis. Teens argued about trump’s plans to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Opponents supporter of the President, not only verbal arguments, pushed him and struck several blows.

The scuffle was captured on cell phone video fragments included in the report. The footage shows that the victim has a red cap with the motto trump “let’s Make America great again”.

“I have a feeling that my son taught a lesson as a warning to others”, — told reporters the boy’s mother Christine Cortina.

Local school authorities said that an investigation was carried out and its participants are subject to disciplinary action. She added that working to reduce tensions and reach an understanding.

In the presidential election in Missouri, trump received a noticeable advantage over the main rival, the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton — 57% against 38. At the same time, St. Louis is one of the exceptions in the state for Clinton they voted 56 percent, while trump’s 40.

Previously a supporter of trump, at the head of which was the same hat beat two students on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley.