Washington has denied the rumors about the trump promise to support Ukraine

In the administration of the President of the United States has denied reports that Donald trump promised the leader of the Ukrainian party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko to support Kiev and not to lift sanctions against Russia. About it reports The Washington Post.

According to the newspaper, the White house confirmed that the President and former Prime Minister of Ukraine really had the “short, informal meeting” at the time of photographing at a reception before the National prayer Breakfast (National Prayer Breakfast) at the Washington Hilton.

However, as pointed out in a press-service of the American leader, and no official promises have been made, as Tymoshenko “is not vis-a-vis the President.” The White house expressed concern about the violence in the South-East of Ukraine.

In addition, the press service of the Council U.S. national security at the White house, he noted that there is no “20 minute meeting” trump’s and Tymoshenko’s prayer Breakfast was not, by definition, could not be. The press officer stressed that the format of the Breakfast is not designed for prolonged communication. “To move someone to the side for three or four minutes, the President may, but not more,” he said.

In this case the interviewee found it difficult to say whether it was the President of the United States contact with Tymoshenko.

Statement of the presidential administration was a response to the publication of the newspaper Politico. In it, citing unnamed individuals alleged that during the 20-minute meeting with trump and Tymoshenko the President of the United States promised not to cancel anti-Russian sanctions. The publication claimed that the meeting with the American leader, the Ukrainian politician said at the two informal meetings held at the heritage Foundation and guzikowski Institute in Washington.