Washington announced a review of policy towards Cuba

Sean Spicer

The United States began to reconsider its policy towards Cuba. As reported RIA Novosti, said Friday, February 3, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer.

“We’re doing a complete overhaul of US policy towards Cuba,” said Spicer, explaining that the priority is the question of human rights. The results, according to him, to speak while early.

The spokesman also said that Washington would continue to tighten policy against Tehran. “We have taken today’s action after careful study and continue to meet appropriate actions,” he said.

In December 2014, Barack Obama, who was then President of the United States, and the head of Cuba Raul Castro announced the beginning of a gradual normalization of relations between the two countries. Was restored diplomatic ties, resumed regular commercial flights, weakened a number of anti-Cuban sanctions. However, the U.S. authorities imposed in 1960, a trade embargo was not lifted.

February 3, Washington expanded economic sanctions against Tehran, targeting its list of 13 individuals and 12 companies. In the American Ministry of Finance explained that the extension of sanctions related to the Iranian programme, ballistic missiles, and support Tehran’s Lebanese Shiite movement “Hezbollah”, which in the United States as terrorist. The nuclear deal thus will not be affected.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump has again criticized the leadership of the Islamic Republic, stressing that Iran is playing with fire. “They don’t appreciate how good it [the previous] President [Barack] Obama. I’m not!” warned the American leader.

Iran and the six international mediators (US, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany) in mid-July 2015 reached agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program. The Islamic Republic has made commitments to limit work in the field of uranium enrichment in exchange for lifting some sanctions.