The Pentagon has recorded of Iran, the main sponsors of terrorism

James Mattis

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis called Iran one of the main sponsors of terrorism. As reported TASS, he stated this on Saturday, February 4, at a press conference in Tokyo following the meeting with his Japanese counterpart Tomomi Indoi.

“With regard to Iran, this state is one of the main sponsors of global terrorism. We need to bring it to Iran,” he said.

At the same time, the Pentagon noted that sees no need in building up the American military presence in the middle East because of the problems of the Islamic Republic.

3 Feb Advisor to the President for national security Michael Flynn said that Washington will not tolerate “provocations” from Iran, which threaten the interests of the United States. “The time of closed eyes on a hostile and belligerent actions of Iran against the United States and the world community ended,” said Flynn.

White house spokesman Sean Spicer noted that Washington would continue to tighten policy against Tehran. “We have taken today’s action after careful study and continue to meet appropriate actions,” he promised.

On the same day Washington expanded economic sanctions against Tehran, targeting its list of 13 individuals and 12 companies. In the American Ministry of Finance explained that the extension of sanctions related to the Iranian programme, ballistic missiles, and support Tehran’s Lebanese Shiite movement “Hezbollah”, which in the United States as terrorist. The nuclear deal thus will not be affected.