The Governor praised the welfare of residents by the number of cars

Vladimir Ilyukhin

Government of Kamchatka, assessing the state of the social sphere, taking into account the ratio of the number of people and cars. This was stated by the Governor of Kamchatka Vladimir Ilyukhin at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reported on the Kremlin website on Friday, February 3.

“For us, there are some indicators that the statistics are irrelevant, but nonetheless talking about how the residents live. We have today on the Kamchatka Peninsula has about 315 thousand people, and cars registered to date 211 thousand,” — said Ilyukhin.

He noted that wages are rising “in accordance with the regulations”, but the real income of the population is affected by inflation. “In General, purchasing power has decreased,” stated the Governor, speaking about the results of last year.

The head of state urged to pay attention to social statistics. “We need to monitor these indicators, and this year we have all the chances not only to restore the lost [from the point of view of wages], but a little bit to rise,” said Putin.

In September, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the regions are especially important to address the quality of the roads, as car is in every Russian family.

May orders — 11 documents with instructions to the government, designed to improve the quality of life of Russians, which was signed by Putin in may 2012. They define the basic guidelines for the development of the country for several years, primarily in the socio-economic sphere.