The FSSP has denied the participation of police officers in the money laundering schemes

In the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) deny the participation of employees in the criminal schemes of money laundering. The representatives of the Ministry said on Friday, February 3, “the Russian newspaper”.

As stated in the Federal bailiff service, the service in the course of fiddling with the judicial decision by which criminal money is laundered and displayed abroad. However, the suppression of such schemes is not included in the scope of competence of the Ministry, said representatives of the Federal bailiff service. In this connection, to call the bailiffs participants in such schemes it is incorrect, they added.

Earlier, on 3 February, the newspaper “Kommersant” published an article, revealing a newly emerging and “protected by law” a scheme to launder and withdrawing money abroad. It is implemented through two legal entities — resident and non-resident.

The parties agree on the recovery of the debt through arbitration courts or through a settlement. In the end, funds are legalized through the FSSP, which withdraws them from your Bank account to your debtor, and then lists in favor of claimant on his account in foreign Bank.