The archaeologists were told where Hitler may have hidden the Amber room

Polish archaeologists have discovered the whereabouts of the Amber room. Legendary creation, taken from Tsarskoe Selo during the great Patriotic war, can be hidden in an ancient castle in the city of Pasłęk.


The fortress where the soldiers of the Wehrmacht once took many of the Museum’s trophies, surveyed with ground penetrating radar and tomography. With their help, managed to find an underground tunnel where maybe hidden the amber masterpieces. The excavations scheduled for the summer.


The poles have long suspected that the Amber room was lost in Pasłęk. This is confirmed, in particular, the testimony of elderly people in the country who saw in the autumn of 1944 in the possession of the castle was hit by a truck full of boxes.


The amber room was presented to Peter I. In 1941, the Germans took her to the Royal castle of Konigsberg. The room disappeared in 1945. There are a dozen versions of her whereabouts.