Snow from the roof fell onto a baby carriage in Moscow

In Moscow opened a criminal case on the fact of falling snow from the roof to the stroller with a two-month boy. On Saturday, February 4, the press service of the Moscow Department of the Investigative Committee.

The incident occurred on the street of Palekh in the North-East of the city. While cleaning the roof of one of the houses the snow fell on the stroller, which was a child. The boy was taken to a medical facility for examination and provide necessary assistance.

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Investigators working at the scene, interview witnesses and establishes the people responsible for cleaning the roof.

In December 2016, the court convicted chief engineer DEZ district Falcon Mountain Kuralovo Alexander and the Director of the Contracting organization Nicholas Soulsome article about services that do not meet safety requirements. Both were found guilty in the fall of icicles on a woman walking with a stroller. The court has appointed punishment in the form of three years of imprisonment with payment of compensation to the victims.