Putin has promised gas to Europe under the guarantees



Moscow is open to dialogue with Europe in the sphere of gas supplies, however, needs guarantees. This statement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. His words bring a Rambler/news citing TASS.

“We are absolutely depoliticized these questions, these are questions of a purely economic nature, economic viability, first of all. Not excluded any routes, we’re ready for anything to come back. We are not going to take offense to Bulgaria or other countries that have not found the courage at the time to resist the decisions of the European Commission. We are ready to come back to this, but we need assurances, we do not want to incur losses for an ill-considered decision”, – Putin said.

His statement the Russian President made following talks with Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban. In addition, Putin added that “if we go along this path, […] then certainly all will be pretty.” According to the Russian President, this agreement will benefit the “energy security of the continent as a whole.” The Russian President particularly stressed that Hungary is a stable and reliable partner, and that Moscow will do everything to provide the country with gas supply.