Police arrested 17-year-old Colombian for three dozen murders

Law enforcement agencies of Colombia have detained 17-the summer young man, known by the nickname “Frijolito” (the character of the popular television series — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), on suspicion of committing at least 30 homicides in Cali. Reported by Terra Columbia.

The name of the suspect because of his minority is not disclosed. As stated by the commander of the Cali police, Hugo Casas, the alleged offender started to commit murder 12 years after it came into the city from the Department of Cauca, where he lived with his parents.

On account of “Frijolito”, according to investigators, more than 30 crimes, including double murder at a local shopping Mall. As the police believes, first the young man was in one of the local gangs, and then headed his own gang, which was engaged in murders and drug trafficking.

Currently, the detainee is in a rehab center for minors after he turned 18, he transferred to the colony for adults. In this RIA Novosti notes that, according to Colombian law, the maximum punishment which threatens alleged murderer, does not exceed eight years in prison.