Media reported about the arrest in Vienna on 22 people from Chechnya

In Vienna on suspicion of terrorism detained 22 people from Chechnya. On Saturday, February 4, the newspaper Kleine Zeitung, citing Austrian police.

Operation on detention was carried out yesterday evening on the Danube island (Danube island). According to the newspaper Kronen Zeitung, a signal to law enforcement agencies received approximately 20:45 local time. The island was spotted a suspicious group of about 30 men. When the guards arrived at the scene immediately crashed into several parts. Five men in the conversation with the police claimed that they just walked in after a certain celebration.

Then the police called for reinforcements in the face of two police officers and representatives of the Viennese anti-terrorist group WEGA. During the inspection of the surrounding area they found hidden in the snow gun, a rifle and plenty of ammunition. 22 natives of Chechnya in age from 25 to 47 years were arrested. Circumstances of incident are investigated.

In may 2015 in Poland were detained three natives of Chechnya suspected of financing terrorism. The operation, according to unofficial data, was carried out in the course of events by opening the cells of the group “Islamic state” (IG; organization banned in Russia) on the territory of the Republic.