“League of schools” passed in the UK evidence of innocence Director in sex scandal

Nikolai Izyumov

The Investigative Committee will be given the proof of innocence of the heads of educational institutions “League of schools”, accused of sexually abusing female students. The National news service (NSN) said the former science teacher in the institution Michael Kazanovich.

“We have reason to doubt the materials published on a certain website, not only because we don’t believe that, and believe your eyes, but also because we have strong evidence of the falsity of some of the episodes. We don’t want to throw it in the media, but believe that in the RF IC of these materials already there,” said Kazanovich.

Taught in the “League of schools” in 2014-2015 chemistry Basil Tumanov said that appeared in the media information is false in nature. “It [the article] contained a lot of facts that are twisted, distorted, biased set out. It outlines the facts are distorted, they are simply not there”, — he said, noting that the attempts of teachers to engage in dialogue with the author were unsuccessful.

In late January, former Deputy Director of the “League schools” Nikolai Izyumov said that information about sexual offences in the educational institution is slander.

On 23 January, the Investigative Committee began checking the facts in the media about violence against children in educational institutions “League of schools”. The articles claimed that the school Director Sergei Bebchuk and his Deputy Izyumov for 25 years, made dissolute actions concerning the pupils. In 2015, the “League of schools” was reorganized and ceased to exist.