Czech Prime Minister swore at the Minister of Finance for alleged tax evasion

Bohuslav Sobotka

Prime Minister of Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka has accused the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Andrew Babish tax evasion. The head of the government wrote on Friday, February 3, on his page in Facebook.

In particular, he reported that billionaire Babish operations with securities thoroughly “deceived” the Czech state. While Sobotka had used obscene word.

Babish in response to all the accusations said that perhaps this reaction is a new style of communication of the Prime Minister of the country.

In his Twitter Sobotka later explained that his page in the social network was not hacked. “Yes, Andrew Babish do not spared the Czech state. We must speak it like it is” — he wrote in the microblog.

Bohuslav Sobotka (@SlavekSobotka)
03 Feb 2017, 09:00

According to “true European”, Sobotka accused the Minister of Finance that he has not paid the turnover taxes of the bonds of the holding company Agrofert. The income of Babish this amounted to 90 million CZK ($3.6 million) per year. In this case, all the policy is estimated at 2.5 billion dollars, he ranks second in the list of the richest citizens of the Czech Republic.