Avalanche has covered a group of skiers in the Italian Alps

Avalanche has covered a group of skiers on the mountain pass Sella nevea on the Italian Alps (province of Udine). On Saturday, February 4, according to ANSA.

Under snow blockages there were six to seven people. It is noted that they carried out the descent outside the equipped trails that were closed due to insufficient snow.

Rescuers managed to extract the two victims. One of them suffered minor foot injuries, the second is in critical condition.

Later the representative of the Alpine rescue service, told RIA Novosti that the rest of the skiers are also found, they are all alive.

18 Jan avalanche covered the hotel Rigopiano in the Italian province of Pescara. At the time of the incident the building was occupied by 40 people. The cause of the collapse of the snow masses become tremors that occurred in the area of the mountain massif of Gran Sasso d’italia. The rescue operation ended on January 26. Killed 29 people, 11 were rescued, reported CNN.