A third of people in the US called Russia a hostile state

A third of people in the US called Russia a hostile state, another 22 percent consider it the enemy of his country. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by YouGov.

The study involved 7150 residents of the United States. They were asked to Express their opinion about Washington’s relations with 144 countries of the world. Each Respondent was supposed to deliver 15 randomly selected from the list of States to one of five categories: “ally”, “friendly state”, “hostile state”, “enemy” or “don’t know”.

The list of enemies of Russia was in sixth place (22 per cent), and the list of unfriendly countries on the second (33 per cent) after China (34%).

It is also noted that among the respondents who voted in the US presidential election for Hillary Clinton, the number of those who considered Russia to the enemies, is almost four times higher (39 percent) than among supporters of an elected head of state, Donald trump (10 percent).

Ally Russia was named by 3 percent, 19 percent defined the relationship as friendly countries. Another quarter of respondents are undecided with your assessment of the relations between Russia and the United States. Most hostile to the USA countries the Americans called North Korea (57 percent) and Iran (41%).

The most friendly was named Canada and the UK (55 per cent).

The survey was conducted from 28 January to 1 February. The error results is 1.5 percentage points.