Ukraine’s Ambassador in Poland called to condemn the actions of UPA

Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andriy deshchitsa condemned the actions of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists — Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA*) and encouraged to do the same thing the government of his country, says “Russian spring”.


He noted that Ukraine simply needs more time to realize its historical mistakes. The Ambassador noted that the activities of the UPA and about the events in Volyn in Ukraine, talking only a few years ago and the majority of Ukrainians do not know anything on the subject. He urged historians to work on this topic and tell you about the results of the study not only citizens, but also the authorities.


In the summer of 2016, the lower house of the Polish Parliament adopted a resolution on the recognition of 11 July as the National day of remembrance of the victims of the genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the inhabitants of the II Polish Republic in the years 1943-1945.

Photo: Eduard Alexey Kislinsky / Globallookpress