Trump denied the mitigation of anti-Russian sanctions

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump said that it had not taken measures to mitigate the anti-Russian sanctions. On Thursday, February 2, announced at the White house.

“I didn’t soften”, — he answered a reporter’s question.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer explained that Washington does not weaken the restrictive measures against Moscow, but only clarified them. “This is a normal procedure the Ministry of Finance, which quite often clarifies specific questions after the imposition of sanctions, he stressed.

Earlier Thursday it was reported that the United States eased sanctions against the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia, allowing to “solicit, receive, use and pay for licenses and permits” issued by the Department on “information technology products”, provided that the total payment does not exceed 5 thousand dollars per year. However, the export, re-export, or supply of any goods and technologies to Crimea are prohibited.

Sanctions against the FSB and other Russian agencies in December 2016, has introduced a precursor to the trump Barack Obama. As reasons were mentioned the cyber attacks allegedly carried out by the Russian side during the presidential election campaign in the United States. Moscow all charges have been consistently denied.