The U.S. Treasury said the reasons for the lifting of some restrictions on interaction with FSB

The United States decided to remove a number of restrictions on interaction with the FSB because of the “direct complaint” for American businesses that these measures prevented to export to Russia products, “such as mobile phones or tablets,” and “consumer secret not software with low level encryption”. About it as transfers TASS, said at a briefing high-ranking employee of the U.S. Treasury.

According to her, a step made possible the payment of U.S. companies of certain charges, without which you cannot export to Russia this tehniceskoi products. To pay such charges in Russia put the FSB and in relation to it 29 Dec 2016 imposed sanctions outgoing President Barack Obama.

“Literally the next day, December 30, we began to receive complaints from American companies and other business-exporters — said the employee of the Ministry of Finance. It turned out that for deliveries to Russia of products such as mobile phones and tablets, without contact with the FSB to do. We banned all such contacts and thereby have inadvertently damaged the export which is under sanctions not originally got”.

After consultation it was decided, as announced on Thursday, February 2. Decorated it was not politically and technically — in the form of a “General license” that permits FSB to pay fees of up to 5 thousand dollars a year per supplier.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. allowed the number of interactions with the FSB. Now permitted “to request, receive, use and pay for licenses and permits” issued by the Department on “information technology products”, provided that the total payment does not exceed 5 thousand dollars per year. However, the export, re-export, or supply of any goods and technologies to Crimea are prohibited.

2 February, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer explained that the United States has not weakened the restrictive measures against Moscow, but only clarified them. “This is a normal procedure the Ministry of Finance, which quite often clarifies specific questions after the imposition of sanctions, he stressed.

The same thing was also expressed by the President of the United States Donald trump. “I didn’t soften”, — he answered a reporter’s question about clarifying the sanctions regime in relation to the FSB.