The Turkish military reported on neutralization 47 is militants

Ankara declared neutralization of 47 militants of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it reports Reuters.

The term “neutralization” of the Turkish military, as a rule, understand the destruction of the enemy, disabling due to injuries or capture.

According to Turkish data, all of these losses, the Islamists suffered in the battle near the town of al-Bab in the shootings and airstrikes by the Turkish air force, in cooperation with the US-led coalition. Was also destroyed a number of buildings, roadblocks, fortified positions, and ammunition dump.

The Turkish army and the Federal part of the free Syrian army (FSA) launched an offensive on al-Bab five months ago in the framework of the operation “shield of the Euphrates”. Fighting on the outskirts of the city have been going on for two months, but the Islamists still successfully defend it, despite the heavy losses, which, as claimed by Ankara, they carry almost daily. According to estimates of the Turkish military, the number of the killed militants has exceeded 600 people.