The newspaper learned about the failure of the team trump from Obama’s plan to liberate Raqqa

Advisers to the President of the United States Donald trump criticized and rejected the plan of the previous administration in the White house Barack Obama’s offensive against the Syrian city of raqqa and the liberation from the militants group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). On Thursday, February 2, writes The Washington Post.

According to the newspaper, 17 January, three days before the resignation of the head of state, Obama has asked his national security adviser to send a document to the team trump.

Hard work on the preparation of the plan took seven months, in the end, it continues the publication, had no decent options, but Obama’s advisers on foreign policy were convinced that they have developed an approach that works, is to arm the Kurds in Northern Syria. The document also contained the abstracts of the talks on the issue with Ankara that this idea could lead to anger.

In the administration trump Obama’s plan was deemed too risky and therefore almost certainly doomed to failure. “Instead of having to follow a plan, team trump on national security considered its completely useless and immediately rejected it,” reports The Washington Post .

28 Jan trump instructed his administration within 30 days to prepare a plan, which, in particular, needs to be specified new foreign allies in the fight against ISIS and the principles of their support.

The US-led anti-terrorist coalition of several dozen countries to conduct the operation against the IG in Syria and Iraq in 2014. It is from the air support Kurdish and some opposition forces in their fight against militants.

The city of raqqa is considered the unofficial “capital” of ISIS in Syria, it is the second after Iraq’s Mosul stronghold of terrorists in the region. The group seized the city with 300 thousand population in 2013.