The Minister of natural resources eliminated the chipping of animals at state expense

A bill about the humane treatment of animals, which is considered by the state Duma, will include a points of chipping animals. The Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy told “” that the procedure will be voluntary and it will be held at the owner’s expense.

“The bill provides the opportunity for the owner and at his expense. The introduction of mandatory procedures obviously require a separate study, including financial cost to the owners of animals,” — said Donskoy. He added that pet identification is provided by the current veterinary legislation.

According to the Minister, at the moment the bill is under discussion. “Our task is to find a compromise that would satisfy both animal welfare activists and the society as a whole. And, of course, the priority is actually protecting animals,” said the official.

In November last year, President Vladimir Putin urged lawmakers to press ahead with adoption of the law increasing penalties for cruelty to animals. Initiatives to toughen penalties for zhivoderstvo was submitted to the Duma in September 2016. The authors of the document insist on the translation of this article of the Administrative penal code.