Piotrovsky explained searches in the Hermitage with abundance of crooks



Operatives of the Federal security service (FSB) monitor the execution of construction contracts on the objects of the Hermitage, said the head of the Museum Mikhail Piotrovsky. About it reports “Interfax-Russia” Thursday, February 2.

“About the construction with the FSB we are in contact constantly, they monitor all our buildings from the start, check our documents. Because the terms of rogues, in particular, in the construction field. Need to get them to work before they go bankrupt,” explained Piotrowski.

He added that the Hermitage “is constantly in the courts, demanding penalties (fines payable for violation of its obligations under the contract — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) that from one, from other companies.”

Piotrovsky said that he sees no connection between the searches in the Museum and his recent statement about the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church. “I have four days to speak there is even more important than passing St. Isaac’s Cathedral”, — transfers words of the head of the Museum of Federal Agency news.

31 Jan FSB held in the Hermitage search. The siloviki were interested in the documents related to the contract in the amount of 3.62 billion for the construction of the second phase of the storage facility on School street. The work was carried out by the company “Mekhstroytrans” significantly behind schedule.

The press service of the Hermitage has confirmed the operational activities. Representatives of the Museum noted that you can not name the reasons for the searches, because the FSB did not give the Hermitage no explanation.