In the Federation Council suggested that there should be grafted from the flu, additional leave

Vadim Tulpanov

Grafted from the flu should not be given to basic leave three days. As reports on Friday, February 3, RIA Novosti, the proposal to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets asked the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on rules and parliamentary activity Vadim Tulips.

“It is necessary to require employers to provide grafted anti-flu citizens with additional paid leave of up to three days, specific amount of additional output must be determined by agreement with the employer,” — said in a written statement the Senator.

He added that this measure is required to promote mass vaccination against influenza, and asked the Minister to give a competent assessment of his proposal.

About a year ago, the Tulips took the initiative to pay the Russians to sick leave in terms of “acute epidemiological situation”. In addition, he called for the increase of the amount of hospital payments: according to him, this measure will help to ensure that sick people will stay home and will not infect colleagues and visitors in public areas.