In Paris soldiers wounded trying to enter the Louvre man with a knife and a suitcase

In Paris soldiers wounded the man with a knife who tried to enter the Louvre. About it reports Reuters.

According to some, unknown with travel suitcase had intended to go to the store, located under the main building. He pulled out a knife and shouting “Allahu Akbar” assaulted one of the soldiers-guards, but was seriously wounded by a bullet of another soldier. The entire surrounding area evacuated and the Museum is temporarily closed and cordoned off by police.

The Minister of internal Affairs of France called the situation serious. According to the head of the Paris police, Michel KADO, a separate replica of the attacker suggests that he intended to carry out a terrorist attack. “At the scene of the attack were also detained another man who was acting suspiciously, but while the connection between them could not be established”, — he said. According to KADO, explosives in the suitcase of the attacker was not. Soldier unknown tried to kill, escaped with minor injuries.

In January 2017, the head of the office for the coordination of anti-terrorist activities of Loic Garnier warned that there is a high probability of penetration of 250 militants — citizens of France who fought in the ranks of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

The latest terrorist attack in France was stopped in November last year when in Marseille and Strasbourg, was detained seven people, preparing to organize attacks. Among the goals were listed for Disneyland Paris, the police of the French capital, the headquarters of the General Directorate of internal security (counterintelligence) of France, metro and restaurants. As it turned out, they received instructions from the leaders of the IG.