French police have launched a search in the building of the Senate of the country

French police began to search in the building of the Luxembourg Palace, the seat of the Senate of the country. About it reports Reuters referring to a source in the Parliament.

The guards confiscating all the documents related to the children of a presidential candidate françois Fillon. As the source explained, they suspected that they received a large sum of money for bogus work. Fillon, according to police, when a Senator (2005-2007) hired his son Charles and daughter Marie. Investigators believe that any duties they did not perform, simply get the money. In total they were paid 84 thousand euros (90 thousand dollars).

On Tuesday, January 31, similar raids took place in the building of the lower house of the French Parliament (National Assembly). At the time, suspicion fell on the wife of a presidential candidate — Penelope Fillon. This was the sixth search for the existence of the Fifth Republic (since 1958). Investigators tried to find evidence that Penelope Fillon was listed as an assistant to her husband during his tenure as a Deputy, not performing any duties and received a total of 500 thousand euros. 300 thousand, according to the investigation, she received a similar scheme in previous years.

Francois Fillon — the candidate from right party “the Republicans” in the elections in April-may of 2017. According to opinion polls, more recently, together with leader of “National front” marine Le Pen, he took in the second round of elections. However, in the midst of a financial scandal involving his wife and children, the level of credibility is falling rapidly.