At the University of California at Berkeley beat a supporter of trump

The campus of the University of California at Berkeley, a supporter of U.S. President Donald trump was beaten, reports the Associated Press.

The incident occurred on Thursday, February 2. 21-year-old student Jack Palkovic, which was a cap with the motto trump “let’s Make America great again”, heading to classes when the next slowed the SUV, jumped out two attackers and beat Palkovich.

The police arrived on the scene, she managed to detain the attackers. It turned out that they are also students.

It is noted that many students, who witnessed the incident, disapproved of the incident. “Berkeley has always stood for the possibility of self-expression,” said 20-year-old Russell Ude. “These things discrediting peaceful protest,” he added.

To this school were the protests against the policy of trump. They began peacefully, but soon escalated into riots. When darkness fell, the crowd of protesters grew to 1,500 people, among them stood out more than 100 militants, dressed in similar clothes, reminiscent of a ninja suit, and use paramilitary tactics. Under cover of the crowd, they started throwing fireworks at police, Molotov cocktails, stones and other objects.

The radicals set up barricades near the University, broke Windows, set fire to a kerosene generator. The crowd dispersed late at night. A small group finally rioted outside the campus, in the surrounding streets of the city of Berkeley.