Trump threatened to deprive the University of the state funding after protests

The protest at the University of California

The President of the United States Donald trump threatened to deprive of public funding the University of California at Berkeley after the riots. He wrote about this in his microblog on Twitter.

“If the University of California at Berkeley does not allow to freely Express views and encourages the use of violence against people whose only fault is that they have a different point of view, as [may], by DEPRIVING IT of FEDERAL FUNDING?” — reads the entry in the account of the President.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
02 February 2017, 11:13

The grounds were massive protests at the University of California, faculty and students which is known for its liberal views. Ahead of the speech, blogger and editor of the far-right website Breitbart Milo giannopoulos of the members of the student Union February 1, hundreds of demonstrators tried to break into the building where it was supposed to performance. They were stopped by the police, and then in the window threw stones and pieces of metal fences. Protesters also set fire to the generator before entering. They shouted slogans against trump.

The University released a statement which stated that he is proud of his commitment to the principle of freedom of speech. In the riots the management of the institution accused “150 agitators in disguise,” noting that the remaining protesters in the amount of one and a half thousand people have behaved absolutely peacefully.

University of California, Berkeley is a public educational and research institution of the United States. It consistently ranks high in the rankings and enjoys a worldwide reputation as a center for training specialists in the field of IT-technologies, physics and Economics. It is named after the chemical element Berkley. Like other major U.S. research centers, Berkeley largely dependent on Federal grants.