The US eased sanctions against Russia’s FSB


The American government eased restrictive measures taken against the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia due to accusations of involvement in hacking attacks on American servers. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Now permitted “to request, receive, use and pay for licenses and permits” issued by FSB of Russia on “information technology products”. The total payment must not exceed 5 thousand dollars per year. What kind of technology we have in mind is not specified.

You may not export, re-export, or supply of any goods and technologies to Crimea.

Restrictions were introduced on 29 December last year by the previous administration of President Barack Obama. Under them also got the leadership of the Chief intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces: head of the GRU Igor Korobov and other high-ranking employees of special services — Igor Kostyukov, Vladimir Alekseev, Sergey Lizunov.

The U.S. has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in the presidential campaign to help Donald Trump win the election. Under the assumptions of U.S. officials, in July, Russian hackers broke into the servers of the National Committee of the democratic party, and the party Committee of the Congressional. Were also expressed suspicion that Russia might try to influence the voting by hacking computers. Moscow all charges have been consistently denied.