The Minister of natural resources told about the strict punishment for cockfighting

The punishment for the organization of fights involving animals (e.g., dogs and roosters) will be tightened after the bill is passed, increasing penalties for zhivoderstvo. About it “” on Thursday, February 2, said the head of the Ministry of natural resources Sergey Donskoy.

So, in a fight between two or more organizers will have to pay a fine in the amount of 30 thousand rubles, the company will be fined on 800 thousand.

“Not only the punishment has become stricter, but the list of actions for which they are responsible, has expanded. Under the new law the police are obliged to initiate an administrative case for torturing with hunger and thirst, for assault and failure to render aid to the affected animal for all it’s citizens will be fined for the sum to 15 thousand rubles, and companies face fines of up to 150 thousand,” — said Donskoy. According to him, the document also provides for liability for propaganda of cruelty to animals.

In 2014, the state Duma Deputy Sergey Doronin has proposed to introduce criminal responsibility for the organization of the fighting animals. The draft law provided for prison terms from three to eight years and a fine in the amount from 500 to 800 thousand rubles. However, the bill was not adopted.

Under current law, animal cruelty is a penalty to 80 thousand roubles, or obligatory works for the term from 120 to 180 hours. If the criminal acts were committed by a group of persons, the penalty is from 100 to 300 thousand roubles, obligatory works of 180 to 240 hours, and the imprisonment to two years.