The Crimea issued all of the objects of cultural heritage in the property of Russia

Sergey Aksenov

Republic of Crimea has completed the procedure of transfer of objects of cultural heritage in the legal space of Russia. On Wednesday, 1 February, said the head of the region Sergey Aksenov on his page in Facebook after the meeting with the Chairman of the state Committee for the protection of cultural heritage of the Republic Sergey Efimov.

According to Aksenova, in the Crimea now, 218 facilities have the status of objects of cultural heritage of Federal importance, about 1.8 thousand related to the category of regional value and more than 2,5 thousand — to revealed.

Cultural heritage, he said, it is the province and pride of not only the residents of the region and the entire Russian Federation. “That’s why our goal is to make every effort to preserve them. The guests of the Republic should be able to enjoy the culture and history,” said the official.

18 Jan Crimean museums have filed an appeal against the decision of the district court of Amsterdam on the transfer of Kiev exhibits of the exhibition “Crimea: Gold and secrets of the Black sea”, known as Scythian gold. In the court’s decision means that Crimea is not a sovereign state and therefore can not name the archaeological artifacts to their cultural heritage.

The Peninsula became part of Russia in March 2014 following a referendum. Kiev does not recognize the election results and considers Crimea occupied territory. In Moscow insist that the accession of the region conform to the norms of international law.